Conference 2016


  08.30    Registration


Official welcome and greetings – Prof Judith Breuer (University College of London, UK)

Introduction to European Research -Dr Charles Kessler, European Commission – Research Directorate General – B

Introduction to the TransLink project  -Emanuele Cozzi (Azienda Ospedaliera di Padova, IT), Project Coordinator

Introduction to the Xenoislet  project – Pierre Gianello (Catholic University of Louvain, B), Project Coordinator

SESSION I. Lessons from the TransLink project  


Dr Emanuele Cozzi (Azienda Ospedaliera Padova, IT)
Prof Jean-Paul Soulillou (INSERM, FR)

09.45    Biological Heart valves: indications and limitations – Prof Jean-Christian Roussel (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nantes, FR)

10.05    Anti-Neu5Gc antibodies following exposure to animal-derived products – Prof Jean-Paul Soulillou (INSERM, FR)

10.25    Enhancement of immunity through removal of natural anti-carbohydrate antibodies – Dr Rafael Máñez Mendiluce (Hospital Universitario de Bellvitge, ES)

11.15    General overview on xenoreactive antibodies - Dr Chris McGregor (University College London, UK)

11.35    Uncovering novel epitopes on sugar moieties - Dr Vered Padler Karavani  (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

11.55    Production of biological heart valves lacking αGal residues: knockout animals vs. removal techniques – Prof Gino Gerosa (Università di Padova, IT)

12.15    Retrospective and prospective study on the role of oxidative and nitrosative stress in structural valve disease - Dr Manuel Galiñanes  (‎Hospital Universitario de la Vall d’Hebron, ES)

12.35    Using computer models to design better drugs - Dr Alfons Nonell-Canals (Mind The Byte, ES)

SESSION II. XenoIslet:  transplantation of pig insulin-producing cells into human T1DM patients by using alginate macroencapsulation and/or pig transgenesis


Prof Pierre Gianello (Catholic University of Louvain, B) Dr Yasu Takeuchi (University College London, UK)

14.30 Diabetes mellitus type 1: understanding the immune response to pancreatic islets - Prof Lucy Walker (University College London, UK)

14.50 Pig islet xenotransplantation - Prof Pierre Gianello (Catholic University of Louvain, B)

15.10 Pancreatic islet and its function - Nizar Mourad (Catholic University of Louvain, B)

16.00 Developing transgenic pigs for organ xenotransplantation into humans -Prof Cesare Galli (AVANTEA, IT)

16.20 Pathogen safety using encapsulated pig islets to treat diabetes: a key point in clinical studies - Dr Linda Scobie (Glasgow Caledonian University, UK) – Dr Laszro Puskas (AVIDIN, HU)

17.00 Final remarks and conclusion of the Conference

Dr Emanuele Cozzi, Azienda Ospedaliera di Padova – It
Prof Pierre Gianello, Catholic University of Louvain – B
Dr Charles Kessler, European Commission – Research Directorate General – B (to be confirmed)

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Contact details:
Local Host: Yasu Takeuchi  ( Ilaria Nisoli ( in Division of Infection and Immunity