The project coordination of the TRANSLINK project is carried out by Dr Emanuele Cozzi, MD, PhD, who is the Director of the Transplantation Immunology Unit at Padua University Hospital. Dr. Cozzi has extensive expertise in clinical and experimental immunology related to transplantation. Dr. Cozzi has been the Coordinator of XENOME, a EU FP6-funded Integrated Project. He has spent over 8 years as Clinical Research Associate in the Department of Surgery of the University of Cambridge (UK), directed by Professor Calne, where he actively contributed to the xenotransplantation project. He has been the clinical immunologist responsible for pre-clinical studies regarding transplantation of pig xenografts into non-human primates with the longest survival reported in the literature for renal xenografts transgenic for human complement regulator. Dr. Cozzi has also been active as an external expert on xenotransplantation during meetings held at the Food and Drug Administration (US) in 2000. Dr. Cozzi is the immediate Past President of the International Xenotransplantation

Association (IXA). He sits in the Board of IXA and in the Ethics Committee of the International Xenotransplantation Association. Dr. Cozzi is the author or co-author of over 150 publications in international peer-reviewed journals