External Advisory Boards

The purpose of establishing the External Advisory Boards will be to solicit advice from external experts that are not directly involved in the daily work of the project. Two boards will be set up:

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)
The Scientific Advisory Board will be formed by independent experts external to the project. It will have a consultative function and consist of internationally esteemed scientists with the expertise and knowledge necessary to assist the GA on scientific grounds. Thus an important aspect of its work will be to ensure that all aspects of the project, scientific co-ordination, knowledge generation and knowledge transfer, are honed to novel and critical thinking.

Clinical & Ethical Board (CEB)
A Clinical & Ethical Board (led by AOP and other invited experts from within the consortium and, if needed, beyond) will continuously monitor compliance with all relevant national legal and regulatory constraints for each of the research activities of the project. The CEB will be committed to updating the list of reference documents whenever required and to promoting the best way to comply with ethical principles, as well as gender equality throughout the Project activities. The chairman of the CEB, Dr. Mañez, will provide legal and ethical expertise in relation to all legal and ethical concerns that might arise.