Cardiac pathologies: therapeutic innovation between surgery, chemistry and biotechnology

An Translink open conference to the general public in Cremona

foto 1Organized by our partner Avantea  in the Cremona Chamber of Commerce on May 17th, the objective of this conference was to bring public opinion to the topics of scientific research in the biomedical field with reference to cardiac pathologies. The conference addressed surgical and biotechnological aspects related to the prevention and treatment of the most frequent heart diseases. It will also offer a presentation on the process of developing new molecules for pharmacological use.

foto 2The speakers were scientists, university professors and executive directors of cutting-edge pharmaceutical and biomedical companies from 4 different countries. General public had the opportunity to explore different thematic areas related to scientific research and the experience of speakers. In particular, they were Tommaso Bottio (UNIPD), Jean Christian Roussel (CHU), Vered Padler-Karavani (TAU), Emanuele Cozzi (AOP), Cesare Galli(AVANTEA)and Marta Pasqual (IUCT)

The full conference was recorded and it is fully accessible on-line (in Italian).