Final Conference 2018

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During the last 4 years, 14 research institutions, including hospitals, universities, research centres and companies from 8 EU and non-EU countries have been elucidating the causes for the premature deterioration of animal-derived bioprosthetic heart valves that precludes their application in young patients.

On January 23rd 2018, the results of this study will be presented together with possible solutions.

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14.30   Welcoming remarks
Rosario RIZZUTO, Rector  (University of Padua,I)
Luciano FLOR,  General Director  (Padua University Hospital, I)

14.40   Introduction to the conference
Emanuele Cozzi, Project Coordinator (Padua University Hospital, I)

Session I – The use of biological heart valves (BHV) in cardiac patients
Chairmen:       Manuel Galiñanes (ICS/HEBRON, ES)
                        Tomaso Bottio (University of Padua,I)

14.45   Haemodynamics of BHV and patient-prosthesis mismatch
Luigi Badano (UNIPD, I)

 15.00  The structural valve deterioration (SVD)
Thierry le Tourneau (CHU, F)

15.15   Patients receiving BHV: presentation of the TransLink study
Jean Christian Roussel (CHU, F)

Session II – The immune response to BHV
Chairmen:       Marta Vadori (AOP, I)
Cristina Costa (IDIBELL, ES)

15.30   Potential glycan targets for antibodies causing structural valve detoriation (SVD)
Jan Holgersson (UGOT, Sw)

15.45   Anti-Neu5Gc antibodies
Vered Karavani (TAU, IL)

16.00   Anti-αGal antibodies and other aspects of the anti-BHV immune response             Rafael Mañez (ICS/HUB, E)

16.15 Discussion

16.30-16.45 COFFEE BREAK 

Session III – Possible solutions to the structural valve deterioration
Chairmen:       Rizwan Manji (UM, Canada)
                         Yasu Takeuchi (UCL, UK)

16.45   New sources of engineered animal valves
Cesare Galli (AVT, I)

17.00   New drug candidates to protect from BHV
Marta Pascual (IUCT, E)

17.15   What about chemical treatments to prevent BHV
Gino Gerosa (UniPD, I)

17.30 Discussion

Session IV –  Conducting research initiatives in the EU landscape
Chairmen:       Emanuele Cozzi (Padua University Hospital)
                        Melchor Sanchez-Martinez (MtB, ES)

17.45   Coordination of research efforts at a European level: role of the European Commission
To be confirmed  European Commission – Research Directorate General

Session V- Closing considerations and future perspectives
Chairmen:       Emanuele Cozzi (Padua University Hospital)
                        Jean-Paul Soulillou (INSERM, F)

18.00 Final remarks and conclusion of the Conference
Jean-Paul Soulillou (INSERM, F)


 Padua UniversityArchivio Antico – Palazzo Bo Via 8 febbraio 1848 – Padova

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