03 CHUThe Thorax Institute of the Nantes Hospital University comprises 800 people dedicated to thorax’s pathologies. Two clinical departments of this Institute, a cardiac surgery (55 ward beds with 9 cardiac surgeons) and a cardiology department (108 ward beds with 17 cardiologists) and a specific clinical investigation centre will be involved in the clinical part of the FP7 project. With more than 1500 cardiac surgery interventions performed annually, our cardiac surgery department is one of the major surgical centre in France and its expertise in valvulopathy is based on a large clinical activity (more than 850 valvular surgery/year and more 100 percutaneous valves implanted per year). Approximately 80% (n=600) of our valve replacement activity is performed with biological valve bioprosthesis. Thanks to a complete computerisation of all surgical activity, our Clinical Investigation Centre is able to manage any kind of survey and follow-up of thousands of patients who underwent valvular cardiac surgery. Statistical analyses are conducted in collaboration with thedepartment of statistic of Nantes Medical University. Our institute works also with a Resource Centre located in the Nantes Hospital University and able to collect, store, transform and to distribute any kind of biological samples worldwide. Our Thorax Institute offers a dedicated Echo Core Lab to support clinical and basic science research studies in the field of cardiac valvulopathy. It performs echocardiograms for clinical trials, with data storage, analysis, interpretation or reception of external cardiac echo as a central core lab for multicentre studies

Our Institution plays a central role in the TRANSLINK project by leading the design of the clinical part of the FP7 study; inclusion of patients operated on with a biological aortic bioprosthesis valve; computerised centralisation of all medical records of patients included in the survey; follow-up of patients, timetable and storage of blood sample harvest; cardiac echo follow-up, interpretation and centralisation of all echo data; statistical analysis of results.

Contributors to TRANSLINK:

  • Dr. Jean Christian Roussel, MD, PhD, cardiac surgeon
  • Dr. Thierry Le Tourneau, MD, PhD, cardiologist and professor in physiology
  • Dr. Imen Fellah, PhD, clinical project manager
  • Dr. Thomas Sénage, MD, PhD, cardiac surgeon
  • Dr. Dr. Caroline Cueff, MD, cardiologist
  • Dr. Yohann Foucher, PhD, statistician
  • Dr Nicolas Piriou,  MD, cardiologist
  • Mr. Damien Fairier, clinical project manager (institutional)
  • Ms. Aurélie Delhumeau , clinical research associate
  • Ms. Guénola Coste , clinical research associate

Webpage: http://www.chu-nantes.fr/