04 ICS 01The Institut Català de la Salut (Catalan Health Institute, ICS) is the largest provider of public health services in Catalonia. It manages 8 hospitals, 6 of them university hospitals, and 288 primary care centres. Two of the university hospitals participate in TRANSLINK.

Valle Hebron University Hospital (HUVB) is the largest hospital in Catalonia. It is located in Barcelona and performs every year > 30,000 major surgery interventions. Of these, around 200 per year include the implantation of aortic biological prosthetic valves.

During the project the HUVB, along with HUB will participate in survey study and 04 ICS vdhwill be offered to all the patients fulfilling the inclusion criteria from which ICS will have available 300 aortic biological prosthetic valves that are preformed each year between both hospitals. Also, this group has large experience in the evaluation of inflammation and oxidative stress in circumstances such as cardiac surgery and it will be study also for the project.

Contributors to TRANSLINK: 

  • Dr. Manuel Galiñanes (ICS-HUVH), Director of Cardiac Surgery at ICS-HUVH.

Webpage: http://www.vhebron.net/en/home