Dr. Josep Castells:Maquetaci—n 1The Institut Univ. de Ciència i Tecnologia, S.A. (IUCT) is a high-tech SME for industrial technological innovation aimed at developing, implementing and promoting new products and technologies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and environmental fields. With fifteen year experience, the research activity is focused on Biotechnology, Drug Discovery, Drug Development and Sustainable Chemistry, with eight Technology Platforms and more than seventy five proprietary projects already developed. IUCT has established deals and businesses with more than 550 companies and R&D laboratories worldwide, having carried out more than forty R&D projects to third parties as contract research, such as GMP-drug manufacturing projects in our GMP-authorised manufacturing facilities, certified by the Spanish Medicines Agency (AEMPS). Main quality certifications from national and international agencies have been also awarded. From the productive point of view, IUCT owns certified facilities, such as chemical laboratories for organic synthesis and analysis, and the before mentioned GMP-certified manufacturing plant to produce drug products (especially for clinical trials), as well as commercial experience in licensing R&D results to pharma companies. In summary, IUCT is widely recognised as an innovation company and a valuable technological partner for providing its expertise, scientific knowledge and managerial capacities in order to fulfil TRANSLINK main goals.

IUCT contribution is located in WP5, where our tasks are aimed at the in silico design and chemical synthesis of novel polymeric glycoconjugates as xenoantigenic immunoabsorbant treatments for diminishing xenograft degradation. The Drug Discovery group at IUCT has extended experience in the design and development of organic molecules exhibiting biological or pharmacological activities (inflammation, CNS diseases, cancer, viral diseases, among others), in scaling the reactions up to production levels and in optimizing manufacturing processes according to GLP/GMP guidelines.

Also due to their experience in the Transfer of Knowledge IUCT will be the leader of the WP6 of dissemination and training, responsible of organising seminars, training courses and other disseminating materials with the assistance of the other partners.

Contributors to TRANLINK:

  • Dr. Josep Castells, PhD: Chemist. CEO and General Manager of IUCT.
  • Ms. Marta Pascual Gilabert: Chemist. Head of Drug Discovery
  • Dr. Roberto Horcajada, PhD: Chemist. EU projects sub-director