12 MtBMind the Byte is a chemo and bioinformatics research company specialized in providing scientific cloud services and drug discovery applied drug discovery and scientific big data. The company is directed to companies waiting to apply computational tools in their science and requiring external support, tools and knowledge.
Mind the Byte offers its Computational Drug Discovery solutions to help our customers and collaborators to predict targets for their ligands, to analize the interaction ligand-target, optimize this interaction and the ligand (lead optimization). To be able to offer this services, Mind the Byte started using cloud computing and now is a reference company in Scientific Cloud Computing being one of the seven worldwide partners of Amazon Web Services providing this kind of scientific cloud services. We can deploy customers cloud infrastructure and we also offer our software as SaaS.
Actually our team includes software developers and bioinformaticians and we have collaborations and agreements with other specialized companies and research groups.

Contributors in Transklink

  • Alfons Nonell-Canals,PhD. CEO
  • Melchor Sanchez-Martinez, PhD. Computational Chemist
  • Maria Elena Garcia-Pujadas, MSc. Project manager

Website: https://www.mindthebyte.com/