06 UCLThe University College London (UCL) was established in 1826 to open up education in England for the first time to students of any race, class or religion. UCL was also the first university to welcome female students on equal terms with men. UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences (SLMS) brings together four UCL Faculties, (i) Brain Sciences (ii) Life Sciences (iii) Medical Sciences and (iv) Population Health Sciences, to create one of the largest and most prestigious aggregations of academics in biomedical, life and population health sciences. The School has a global reputation for teaching informed by cutting-edge research.

The Division of Infection and Immunity (I&I) is made up of 140 staff (academic, clinical technical and administrative staff), 105 honorary academic/research staff and 105 PhD students (Spring 2012). The Division’s mission is the study of human infectious and autoimmune diseases with an emphasis on those relevant to patient populations. From a better understanding of pathogen biology and the human immune system, we aim to translate our knowledge into improved diagnosis and treatment of diseases and to provide an outstanding research training environment.

The Institute of Cardiovascular Science (ICS), based in the UCL Faculty of Population Health Sciences was established in 2011. It is structured to be a world-class centre of excellence with a focus on pioneering novel, integrative strategies in preventative and therapeutic cardiovascular medicine. ICS integrates basic and clinical scientists from UCL with expert clinicians from UCL partner hospitals to pursue research on myocardial and vascular heart disease, cardiovascular imaging, genetics, regenerative medicine, and genetic epidemiology & translational cardiovascular genomics. The institute consists of about 100 members of staff and 30 research students.

UCL will be the leader of WP4 of the infection theme. The I&I group has a track record in xenotransplantation safety and antiviral humoral immunity including anti-carbohydrate antibodies. The ICS group is a world leader in cardiac xenotransplantation field and has extensive experiences on xeno-antigens.

Contributors to TRANSLINK:

  • Dr. Yasuhiro Takeuchi, PhD: Reader in Molecular Virology in I&I,
  • Prof. Robin A. Weiss, Professor I&I
  • Prof. Chris McGregor, Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Dr. Guerard Byrne, PhD, Principal Research Associate at ICS