Six new experts in Genome editing formed by TransLink project

Avantea facilities hosted the 2017 Genome Editing Training Course dedicated to Genome Editing in Pigs for Xenotransplantation. 

DSCN01526 students from Spain, Italy, United Kingdom France where train in the fast evolving field of large animals’ genetic engineering, to foster interactions and promote the latest technology for genome editing in mammals with particular reference to genome editing for xenotransplantation.

The course covered the following themes: Requirements for xenotransplantation, Genetic engineering of large animals, Conception and design of genome editing nucleases, Editing in somatic cell cultures and selection of mutant cells, Somatic cell nuclear transfer to generate embryos for transfer to surrogates mothers and Birth of offspring and genetic analysis

The course features a series of introductory lectures followed by hands-on training:

foto colague

The students gave the course an excellent overall evaluation remark the excellent organization and coordination.

Some of their comments:

“Very interesting lectures, easy to follow for beginners but also interesting for more advanced attendees.”

“The whole course more interesting than expected”

“Very interesting to understand all the steps involved in a xenotransplantation project.”

“Front lessons and practical part very well integrated”