TransLink SMEs on the move

The three companies involved in the TransLink Project have recently received attention on public media due to recent news.

mind the byte

The most recent news is of Mind the Byte, which already was a pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence, cloud and big data for computational drug design, and has acquired 100% of Intelligent Pharma, one of the leading companies in Spain in chemoinformatics services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. With this operation -the largest corporate movement registered in the emerging Spanish bioinformatics market- Mind the Byte becomes the leading company at a national level and one of the largest in Europe in applying artificial intelligence to the discovery and development of new medicines.

Similarly, InKemia IUCT group has reach an agreement with the nearly Town Hall of Parets del Valles to create a company accelerator. The aim of InKemia will be able to incubate the spin-off companies created or the start-up InKemia is investing. The forecast is that the new headquarters of the IUCT Parets provide qualified jobs and attract international talent, encourage entrepreneurship, generate innovation to transfer to companies because they are more competitive, be a source of new ideas, boost investments to companies and create an attractive environment for the implementation of new technology companies. “We think that in ten years they will have incubated in these facilities between 50 and 75 companies, of which between 17 and 25 will grow a lot,” said Dr Castells, CEO of InKemia. “We also say that in ten years, between 200 and 575 jobs will have been generated,” he said. In the picture: The President of InKemia IUCT, Dr Josep Castells and the Parets del Valles Mayor Mr Sergi Mingote at the press conference.


Finally Avantea  is continuing showing their Excellency in research. Last September 2017, its CEO Prof. Cesare Galli receives the AETE Pioneer Award during the 33rd annual convention of the European Embryo Technologies Association (AETE). This award recognises the important contributions Prof. Galli has made since the beginning of his thirty-year long career: first in Cambridge (UK) and then at the Laboratory of Reproduction Technologies (LTR) in Cremona now Avantea. The aim of AETE is to facilitate the diffusion and application of embryo technologies in mammals by creating a forum for the exchange of scientific, technical and practical knowledge at a European level and by organizing regular meetings that encourage the participation of scientists, professionals, technicians and students.